Welcome to Traci’s Book Reviews, my name is Traci and I’m turning my love of reading into a book review blog.  While my blog is new, my passion for reading is not.  I remember reading Janette Oke’s Love Comes Softly series while I can’t remember the books well enough to review them (until I read them again) I do remember loving the series from first book to the last.

There isn’t a genre of book I won’t read and I review every book I read.  My ultimate favorite genre is the crime/mystery/suspense books and I really enjoy reading true crime books.  From Romance to Sci-Fi, Children’s to Christian there is something for everyone!

I post my reviews here on my blog, Goodreads, Facebook & Twitter.  If an Author or Publisher would like me to read and review a book, they can request a review to be posted to another site if they would like.  All books that I’ve won on Goodreads First Reads giveaways will be noted before the review.  I only post my honest, personal opinions of the books I read.  We could all read the exact same book, but we won’t all have the exact same views on that book.  That’s the great thing about people like me who love to read and review books, there can be so many of us and all have different opinions.  I also feel that this is my way of helping Authors and Publishers to get their books reviewed so others will be inspired to read them to form their own opinion.

Above you will find the genres of books I have, if there isn’t a sub menu I don’t have a review in that genre just yet, and more genres will be added as I get books to review.  I hope that you will enjoy my blog and find good books to read.


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