Review of Rosa’s Land: Western Justice Book 1


Rosa’s Land is a Christian Novel set in the Old West and Indian Territory. Lafayette “Faye” Riordan is the youngest of three boys who was raised to be a gentle man who didn’t fight. His two brothers and father were tough, hard, ruthless businessmen and they made fun of Faye for being an artistic painter. After a short courtship with a woman, she tells Faye she doesn’t want to ruin him and tells him to forget her. This sets in motion Faye’s determination to prove that he is a man and sets off to teach himself how to take care of himself so he can join Judge Parkers Marshals.

In his quest to prove he’s a man he joins the Marshal Service doing nasty jobs because of a letter his mother wrote the Judge before Faye left. Then one day a woman rides up looking for a Posse after an attack on her land that resulted in a hired hand being murdered and horses stolen. The only one there was Faye and in the beginning Rosa thought very little of Faye. Faye proves himself to her and her family and risks his life more than once to save Rosa becomes the love of his life.

Both Rosa and Faye invite God into their lives and experience the peace and love that He can provide. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good Marshal/ Outlaw Christain novel. This book is very well written and when reading this book you can see the land and houses that the Author speaks of because of how well it’s detailed.


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