Exes In My IPOD by Lisa M. Mattson Review

I won this book from a Goodreads First Reads contest. I don’t know if Lisa meant for her book to be an inspiration to other women when she wrote this book, but I feel that that is exactly what this book is and can be to the women who read it. Single ladies as well as Married ladies need to Read This Book! In some way, every woman could relate to at least 1 of the relationships that Lisa writes about.

When I found out I’d won this book, I found that it was one I could not get out of my head. While I was waiting for the book to come I began to wonder if the book would be a good read, I mean how good could a book about exes be? I so love it when a book turns out to be 1000 times better than I thought it would be!

There are some sassy attitudes and humor mixed in and it made the book easy to read. I actually found myself laughing out loud so I had to read the paragraph to my husband so he knew why I was laughing. The part was “That is when I decided Fernando was an alien.” You’ve got to read this book, and his chapter, to get the real humor in that sentence.

In life, sometimes we find ourselves settling for men that are less than we truly deserve just so we aren’t alone. Some women are lucky enough to find their soul mate in high school, get married and grow old with them.  The rest of us can find ourselves in this book at least once.

Thank you Lisa for a great book and the inspiration to not settle and to reach for my dream job. This book is a MUST READ for every woman!


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