Game Book 1 of The Game Trilogy by Anders De La Motte Review

Game by Anders De La Motte

I got this book from Goodreads First Reads. This book was different from any other book I’ve read, but in a good way, a new type of thriller/ mystery that hooks you and keeps you reading. When I first started this book I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, yet by the time the first chapter was done, I was hooked into the story and I couldn’t stop turning the pages. There was a mistake on page 34 where they call it the “Duracell bunny” when it’s supposed to be the “Energizer bunny” but other than that, this book is well written and makes for a very good read.
I’ve not found a book with this story line and being the first book in a trilogy, I can’t wait to read the other two! When you start reading this book it will hook you and the ability to put it down gets harder because you want to know what’s going to happen next.
The mix of things happening from Henrik “HP” Pettersson’s point of view and Rebecca “Becca” Normen’s point of view is what makes this book hook you. You want to see what’s going to happen between the two characters and by the time you get to the next characters part there is more exciting things happening with the other one and you just keep turning pages and the next thing you know, you are done with the book!
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thriller, mystery or different styles of books. I can’t wait to read the next two in this trilogy!


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