The Execution by Dick Wolf Review

The Execution by Dick Wolf


I got this book from Goodreads First Reads. I love Dick Wolf’s television shows like Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Law & Order as well as it’s spin-off shows. I wasn’t totally sure if he could actually be a good author though, some tv writers would not make good book authors. Dick Wolf is one who can write one heck of a book! The Execution was one of the best books I’ve read to date. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading the first Jeremy Fisk novel, The Intercept, yet but I look forward to reading it and any other books Mr. Wolf writes.

Jeremy Fisk is an American NYPD Detective who, after 13 beheaded bodies are found, is forced to work with a Mexican Detective Cecilia Garza. In the beginning the two butt heads but in time learn to work together.

Detective Garza is on the hunt in Mexico for a man known as Chuparosa, and is always a step behind. She doesn’t even know what he looks like, but she knows he’s leaving headless bodies in his wake and he’s killing anyone who knows him, including his own family members. Once again, just steps behind Chuparosa, Detective Garza is forced to put the hunt on hold as she protects Mexican President Umbarto Vargas on his trip to America for the United Nations Week. Or so she thinks!

Both detectives believe Chuparosa is in America to kill Mexican President Vargas, little do they know he is after the man who kidnapped and later killed Detective Garza’s mother and sister. Can Garza stop herself from killing the man who stole her family? Can Fisk stop from killing the man who murdered his girlfriend?

Read this book for a face paced book that is well worth the read. If you like Law & Order, Chicago Fire or Chicago PD then you will love this book! A thriller that will keep you turning the pages unable to put the book down.


Game Book 1 of The Game Trilogy by Anders De La Motte Review

Game by Anders De La Motte

I got this book from Goodreads First Reads. This book was different from any other book I’ve read, but in a good way, a new type of thriller/ mystery that hooks you and keeps you reading. When I first started this book I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, yet by the time the first chapter was done, I was hooked into the story and I couldn’t stop turning the pages. There was a mistake on page 34 where they call it the “Duracell bunny” when it’s supposed to be the “Energizer bunny” but other than that, this book is well written and makes for a very good read.
I’ve not found a book with this story line and being the first book in a trilogy, I can’t wait to read the other two! When you start reading this book it will hook you and the ability to put it down gets harder because you want to know what’s going to happen next.
The mix of things happening from Henrik “HP” Pettersson’s point of view and Rebecca “Becca” Normen’s point of view is what makes this book hook you. You want to see what’s going to happen between the two characters and by the time you get to the next characters part there is more exciting things happening with the other one and you just keep turning pages and the next thing you know, you are done with the book!
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thriller, mystery or different styles of books. I can’t wait to read the next two in this trilogy!

Next Christmas Will Be Different by Pauline Barclay Review

Next Christmas Will Be Different by Pauline Barclay


This is a sweet, short story that warms the heart!  It’s about a mother, who’s seven grown children and their children continue a family tradition even though they keep saying it will be different next year.  The kids keep saying one of them will host the festivities next year instead of the usual tradition.  While this book is not overly religious, there is mention of prayer a few times.

I enjoyed this short story and I would recommend this short story to anyone who loves their family traditions at the holidays, as well as short Christmas stories.  I thought this book was well written and an over all good read.

We have a tradition in our home that was started when I was little, we each get to open one gift Christmas Eve night after dinner.  It was fun to get a little taste of what was to come the next morning!  What are some of your families traditions from when you were a child that you now do with your own family?

Humidity Rising by Amelia Rose Review

Humidity Rising by Amelia Rose


I got this book as a Goodreads First Reads giveaway winner. Humidity Rising is a great, short mystery/ romance book with a twist. While it’s a short book with only 108 pages of the story, it’s still well written and has a great story.

Kristi is raising her niece after the tragic death of her parents when she meets Wes at a pediatric dental office waiting to pick up his nephew. He offers to take her and Janie out to dinner, bringing his nephew along for added security.

Wes and Kristi have an instant attraction and desire to be together, that is until Wes’ ex girlfriend threatens to tear them apart forever. Mentally unstable and determined to get him back, the reader is taken on her short but twisted mission to carry out her plan. Will Liza be able to keep Wes and Krisit apart? Will Wes take Liza back? You have to read to find out!

Review of Rosa’s Land: Western Justice Book 1


Rosa’s Land is a Christian Novel set in the Old West and Indian Territory. Lafayette “Faye” Riordan is the youngest of three boys who was raised to be a gentle man who didn’t fight. His two brothers and father were tough, hard, ruthless businessmen and they made fun of Faye for being an artistic painter. After a short courtship with a woman, she tells Faye she doesn’t want to ruin him and tells him to forget her. This sets in motion Faye’s determination to prove that he is a man and sets off to teach himself how to take care of himself so he can join Judge Parkers Marshals.

In his quest to prove he’s a man he joins the Marshal Service doing nasty jobs because of a letter his mother wrote the Judge before Faye left. Then one day a woman rides up looking for a Posse after an attack on her land that resulted in a hired hand being murdered and horses stolen. The only one there was Faye and in the beginning Rosa thought very little of Faye. Faye proves himself to her and her family and risks his life more than once to save Rosa becomes the love of his life.

Both Rosa and Faye invite God into their lives and experience the peace and love that He can provide. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good Marshal/ Outlaw Christain novel. This book is very well written and when reading this book you can see the land and houses that the Author speaks of because of how well it’s detailed.


After much thought, I’ve decided to start a blog about the books I’ve read giving my honest review of each book.  I read just about everything from Romance to Paranormal, fiction to non-fiction and everything in between.  My reading motto: I’ll read any book at least once!

I know there are a million blogs and other types of websites from people who read and review books, but the nice thing is, we all have our own opinion of a book.  We could all read the same book and give a review about it, but each review will be different.  Some may not like the book while others love it but have different reasons why they loved it.  This blog is my personal opinion of each book I’ve read.

I love that offers free books for Kindle (or in my case Kindle for PC) because it allows those of us who love to read, the ability to keep reading when we can’t afford to go out and buy new books.  A special thanks goes out to the Authors who allow their books to be given away, it’s Authors like you who make the free ebooks possible!

I hope that you will find my reviews helpful and I look forward to writing about books!